East Coast Park Activities

When looking for the perfect getaway to vacation or simply a weekend stopover, the beauty of Singapore islands might have enticed you to it more than once. As a picture-perfect island, this island offers so much especially when considering the East Coast Park. This is not a simple boring park as it has unlimited recreational activities are made available for absolutely everyone.

The beauty of East Coast Park

Covering up to 185 hectares that stretches for over 15km, having unlimited adventure is not a one of affair that has off seasons. Relaxing opportunities away from life’s pressures are in hands reach making it an investment that counts. Being one with nature, breathing in clean air, enjoying scenic views on every turn is a given. A must have opportunity is having some downtime and watch as the waves gently caress the beach front with the coconuts framing it beautifully. To get the needed adrenaline rush for extroverts, various activities are available in East Coast Park. These include volleyball playing, both relaxing and competitive cycling in various groups and water skiing. As the blue waters are just a few steps away, a swim in the cool waters in the late afternoon sun is refreshing.

Great Amenities at East Coast Park

Going on holiday with children can be hectic even when everything goes as planned. However, parents always have to content with rushing to and from finding washrooms for use. The East Coast Park makes sure that they ensure that this isn’t a hectic time for them as it has public on G2, G1, F2. F1. D5. D1, C4, C1, B2 and B1. This means that no trudging in sweat all the way home after a fun day out as a quick wash up is readily available. Meyerhouse new development former Nanak Mansions is located near to East Coast Park as well.

Relaxing and Outdoor Activities at East Coast Park

Well for those who never want to do anything but enjoy the relaxing sceneries. Bike tours are availed so that you can view every inch of the 185 hectares of beauty. Photography is also a wonderful hobby to ensure lasting memories in this East Coast Park. Fishing opportunities are also available for those who wish to have a nice bonding method with older generations to simply sit down and have a laugh.

Barbequing spots are also available for you to grill a mean streak. Add that with the numerous children’s playground for kids to sit and play with you got the ideal place to vacation in the East Coast Park in Singapore.

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