Amenities Around Meyer Road

Guide on living in Meyer road Singapore is a very beautiful place to be and live in but when looking for a resident there you should be interested in Meyer road. It is a beautiful
environment with lots of wonderful people The Road Meyer was named after a Jewish businessman and a descendant of Abraham philanthropist Sir Reuben-Manasseh Meyer (1846–1930). Who build the Chased-El Synagogue plus owned the old Sea View Hotel, Meyer Road stretches as of Tanjong Rhu Road to Tanjong Katong Road. Sir Reuben owned other property in Singapore too.
Any Benefits?

Meyer Road Awesome Food Delicacy

It is a very beautiful place with awesome delicacy you get to receive a fresh sea breeze when outside, There’s a Drilling and construction work currently ongoing making the place look lively.
What makes this place so unique and great? It may interest you to know that the famous Katong park sits there and there’s an old fort tunnel buried underneath it but the fort was Abandoned by the British army and buried after the year1906, Quite fascinating?

North Indians at Meyer Road

There was quite a large number of North Indians residing in Meyer road at the time of Sir Reuben Manasseh as the result the road was nicknamed little Indiana by people. There’s
a beautiful store you can buy flowers, small trees and as well as plants from it is called Song Lang, a beautiful garden center on 378 Tanjong-Katong Road. It’s a place a the popular public figure would love to reside in, you can explore a new culture and enjoy a new meal, also get to visit a place there calledKatong Antique House and get to see ancient things it’a very adventitious place to go. Meyer Road is located near at Meyerhouse freehold condo and will be available for viewing soon.

Amenities around Meyer Road

Any cool places I can visit?
Yes, the there bunch of cool places to visit while there, there’s is a library where you and your children can visit and have a good time reading and also a cafe called the carry on where you can get sweet vibes for yourself and also a place you can get sweet and lovely ice cream.
There’s also a place called parkway parade whereby you can get new stuff and a good meal too it’s all so interesting and fun.

Any good places for my
kid? Yes, there’s a softball playing field with a climbing wall plus a shallow kids pool.
Kids can run plus play ball games freely there. It’a place memorable to go to and live in.

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